Ticktick Trader Review (2023): Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

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I have used a lot of tools and the experience of all tools are different. In this post I will give a brief review of the Ticktick Trader. So keep reading the reviews, before we continue i have a quick update for you that if you want weekly update of AI and trading tools then you can subscribe our newsletter.

What is Ticktick Trader

TickTick Trader is a proprietary trading firm that provides funding for traders to trade futures, TickTick Trader have assets on the

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME),
  • Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT),
  • New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX),
  • Commodity Exchange (COMEX).

TickTick Trader was established in February 2022 and the mission of TickTick Trader is to help traders achieve financial independence. It offers a straight forward and logical approach to trading, with clear and simple rules for traders to follow.

TickTick Trader is also known for allowing traders to pass their evaluation with no minimum trading days, I was personally impressed from this feature because this feature not offered by many other firms. The company is located in Bucharest, Romania.

Key features of TickTick Trader

there are a lot of key features of the ticktick trader, but some of the most useful key features of the ticktick trader according to my experience as are follows.

Based on the information provided, some of the key features of TickTick Trader include:

  1. Simple and logical trading rules that are easy to understand.
  2. Transparent fee structure so traders know exactly what they are paying.
  3. Various account types including evaluation, express, and direct accounts with different rules.
  4. Scaling plan that allows traders to increase their contract limit as their account grows.
  5. Fast and safe payouts.
  6. No minimum number of trading days required.
  7. Multi-language 24/7 support.
  8. Free access to tools like Jigsaw Trader and Bookmap.
  9. Platform diversity with options to trade futures, forex, stocks, and crypto.
  10. Account sizes available up to $200k.
  11. Profit split between trader and company.
  12. Drawdown protection that stops drawdown at initial balance.
  13. Account closure if max drawdown limit is exceeded.

The key features focus on transparency, flexibility, risk management, and providing traders the tools and support needed to be successful. Overall, TickTick Trader aims to offer traders a straightforward and rewarding prop trading experience.

How to use TickTick Trader

TickTick Trader is a simplest platform if you want to use this then you need to follow some steps. To use TickTick Trader effectively, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Registration: Begin by registering on the TickTick Trader platform. This typically involves providing your personal information, contact details, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  2. Platform Selection: TickTick Trader supports various trading platforms, and you can choose the one that suits your preferences. These platforms often offer live market data, charting tools, order placement, and more.
  3. Educational Resources: Explore the educational materials provided by TickTick Trader. These resources can help you enhance your trading knowledge and skills, allowing you to make informed decisions in the markets.
  4. Practice in a Simulation: TickTick Trader may offer a paper trading environment, allowing you to practice trading in a simulated market without risking real capital. This is a valuable feature for traders to refine their strategies.
  5. Real Trading: Once you feel confident, you can start trading with real capital. Be mindful of risk management techniques and adhere to the trading rules and guidelines provided by TickTick Trader.
  6. Profit Split: It’s important to understand the profit split arrangement, which may involve traders keeping a certain percentage of their earnings. TickTick Trader often offers a 90/10 split, where the trader retains 90% of their profits.
  7. Connection and Support: If you have questions or encounter issues, you can reach out to TickTick Trader’s support team for assistance. They can provide guidance on connecting your trading account, installing software, and more.

Remember that the specifics of using TickTick Trader may vary, and it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the platform’s features and guidelines before starting your trading journey. but I shared my personal experience that how i used the TickTick.

Ticktick Trader pricing

the pricing structure of the Ticktick Trader as are follows. here you can check the different plans and choose according to your requirement.


  • Plan Name: Starter
  • Account Size: $25,000
  • Target: $1,500
  • Max Positions: 4
  • Daily Loss: $500
  • Tick Drawdown: $1,500
  • Monthly Fee: $145
  • Min. Trading Days: None
  • 3 Months TD: 100%
  • 4 Months Onwards: 90%
  • Reset Fees: $85


  • Plan Name: Advanced
  • Account Size: $50,000
  • Target: $3,000
  • Max Positions: 10
  • Daily Loss: $1,250
  • Tick Drawdown: $2,500
  • Monthly Fee: $160
  • Min. Trading Days: None
  • 3 Months TD: 100%
  • 4 Months Onwards: 90%
  • Reset Fees: $85


  • Plan Name: Express
  • Account Size: $100,000
  • Target: $6,000
  • Max Positions: 14
  • Daily Loss: None
  • Tick Drawdown: $3,500
  • Monthly Fee: $99 for 15 days
  • Min. Trading Days: None
  • 3 Months TD: 100%
  • 4 Months Onwards: 90%
  • Reset Fees: No Reset


  • Plan Name: Professional
  • Account Size: $100,000
  • Target: $6,000
  • Max Positions: 14
  • Daily Loss: $2,500
  • Tick Drawdown: $3,500
  • Monthly Fee: $285
  • Min. Trading Days: None
  • 3 Months TD: 100%
  • 4 Months Onwards: 90%
  • Reset Fees: $85

TickTickTrader Coupon / Promo Code / Discount

There are some coupon available for TickTick Trader so you can use that to get the discount.

  • A50USDOFF: For a 25K Direct Account, use this code to get $299 instead of $349
  • A100USDOFF: For a 50K Direct Account, use this code to get $599 instead of $699

Use the code I have provided to get the discount according to your plan.

TickTick Trader Review

According to my experience this platform is most use friendly and easy to use and if we talk about the costumer care or help system then it will be the best support system every. if you want to rank the TickTick Trader then you can give your feedback according to your feedback.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

if you will not consider my experience then you can look at the trustpilot score. According to Trustpilot, TickTickTrader is classified as excellent. It’s scoring 4.8/5.0 after 5900+ reviews.

TickTick Trader FAQ

What are the available account sizes with TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader offers five different account sizes, ranging from $25,000 to $100,000. The costs for these accounts vary, with the smallest account starting at $145 per month and the larger TTTEvaluation account size costing $285 per month. There is also a TTTPerformance account with a $25,000 balance that costs $349.

Is there any leverage provided by TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader does not offer leverage. Your trading account balance serves as your buying power, which means the leverage is 1:1.
The number of contracts you can trade depends on your account size and profit, with maximum contract limits specified for different account balances

How does the payout structure work at TickTickTrader?

Initially, traders at TickTickTrader receive a 100% payout during the first three months of withdrawals. After this period, the profit split changes to 90/10, meaning the trader keeps 90% of the profits, and the prop firm retains 10% of the profits.

Are there any restrictions on trading algorithms or bots with TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader does not allow the use of algorithms, auto trading, or bots. Traders are expected to execute trades manually.

Does TickTickTrader offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, does not provide a free trial for its services.

Are there any restrictions on trading during news events with TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader does not mention any specific restrictions on trading during news events. Traders interested in news trading should practice good risk management and calculate their maximum lot size wisely.

Is TickTickTrader a legitimate company?

Yes, TickTickTrader is a legitimate company with an address in the USA (1201 N Orange St, Suite 7149, Wilmington, DE 19801) and contact information, including email and phone support

What are some alternatives to TickTickTrader?

Some alternative prop trading firms to TickTickTrader include Topstep, The Trading Pit, Elite Trader Funding, and Apex Trader Funding. You can explore more alternatives using their alternative prop firm tool

Can I hold positions overnight with TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader is aligned with day traders and day trading strategies. You are not allowed to hold positions overnight, and all positions must be closed before 5:00 PM ET or earlier, depending on the market close time. Positions can be resumed by 6:00 PM ET. Leaving positions open for the weekend is also not permitted.

How does TickTickTrader’s profit target and drawdown rules work?

The profit target, maximum drawdown, and daily loss limits vary depending on the account size. For example, with a $25,000 (Starter Plan) account, the profit target is $1,500 (6%), the maximum drawdown is $1,500 (6%), and the daily loss limit is $500 (2%). These rules apply regardless of the account size you’re trading, but the specific values change based on the account size.

What trading platforms are supported by TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader provides a free NinjaTrader license and supports several other popular futures trading platforms, including Bookmap, Daytradr, Agena Trader, and more.

Is there a minimum number of trading days required at TickTickTrader?

No, there are no minimum trading days required at TickTickTrader.

Can I take as much time as I need to complete the trading challenge at TickTickTrader?

Yes, there is no maximum time limit to complete the trading challenge at TickTickTrader, allowing you to trade at your own pace.

Are there any free repeats or reset options for the evaluation at TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader does not offer free repeats or reset options for their evaluation process

Are there any frequent discounts or promo codes available for TickTickTrader?

TickTickTrader does offer frequent discounts throughout the year, and you can access them through their website when available

Can I trade with TickTickTrader outside of the United States?

Yes, you can trade with TickTickTrader from anywhere in the world. They are not limited to traders within the United States.

TickTickTrader Alternatives

there are a lot of TickTickTrader Alternatives available but it depend of different kind of things like if you want to use this to manage the task and on the other side you can use it for trading purpose.

these are the most relevant alternatives of the TickTickTrader.

  1. MetaTrader 4/5: MetaTrader is a widely used trading platform known for its comprehensive charting and analytical tools.
  2. TradingView: TradingView offers a user-friendly interface with advanced charting tools and social networking features.
  3. Thinkorswim: A platform by TD Ameritrade, Thinkorswim is known for its advanced trading tools and analysis.
  4. E*Trade Web Platform: E*Trade provides a web-based platform for trading and investing.
  5. eToro: eToro is a social trading platform that allows users to follow and copy the trades of experienced traders.


whether or not TickTickTrader is a suitable choice for you may depend on your specific trading needs and preferences. It’s essential to conduct your research, carefully read the terms and conditions, and consider your own trading goals before making a decision.

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